6 Tips to Help Choose Your Wedding Photographer

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. With somuch planning involved you want the day to be perfect and captured right. That’swhy so much thought goes into picking your wedding photographer. The photographer’s job is to capture these moments and turn them into memories for you to look back on. You want to make sure you pick the right person to do that, as there are hundreds out there to choose from. 

Here’s 6 easy tips for you to think about when choosing your wedding photographer. 


1.) Your Style

 As a couple you will want to decide on the type of style you want your photographer to have so it reflects on the images. In our experience we found there are 5 main photography styles for weddings;

  • Documentary 
  • Traditional 
  • Contemporary 
  • Quirky 
  • Creative 


It’s great to get a feel and look at some samples of photographer’s work. This is a perfect chance for you to see their style in an image, then you can ask yourself  “Is this what I want my photos to be like”?

Ask yourself if you want your photographer to capture the wedding as it unfolds (traditional) or maybe you want them to capture the emotional atmosphere of the day (documentary). If you want it to be different maybe thinkabout a quirky photographer to add fun and a more distinctive style. 


2.) Experience 

There are photographers that have been taking photographs for years but may have only started doing weddings. When talking to your photographer don’t be afraid to ask them have they shot weddings before. Remember your photographer is covering a live event, they need to know the flow of the day, where to be at to get stunning shots and to understand what you need them to do. 


3.) Testimonials 

 Maybe you want to see what previous brides and grooms say about thephotographer in question. Look at their testimonials or references to see whatpeople have said. 

There is also so many groups online that you can search for weddingsuppliers on, especially photographers. Here you can ask for recommendations onwho people have used before and get real reviews from them. There’s alwayspeople out they’re willing to help you. 


4.) Consistency 

You want to see your photographer being consistent with work, and even when the wedding season is slow, are they posting and publishing their previous works. As the more pf their work you can see the better you can understand and visualise their style. Being a photographer isn’t just about capturing a few beautiful photographs, but doing it consistently and showing how you can tell a story with your images. 


5.) Meet Them 

If you are the type of couple who don't like talking over social media, you can always ask your photographer to meet in person. This is the perfect chance to get talking to your photographer and ask all the questions you want to ask them. You can also ask them to bring samples so you can look through them and see what your final prints will look like. 

When chatting do you feel relaxed? Maybe you feel like you’re chatting to a friend or someone you have known for years. If you feel relaxed and at ease with them it will help for better and more natural photos, you will feel more relaxed around them when they are taking photos and are more likely to be up for more fun and creative photos and ideas your photographer may have for great shots. Remember this is the person you’re trusting the biggest day of your life with so you need to be comfortable around them. 


 6.) Go with your gut. 

Finally, just go with your gut. At the end of the day, you’re the boss, if you don’t feel comfortable around them or their style isn’t how you want to remember your big day then that’s your call! When you find your perfect photographer you’ll know, just trust yourself!


If you’re still looking for wedding photographers and can’t find the right one feel free to take a look at our packages here.