Swap Your Iphone For Professional Photography And Watch Your Brand Shine

We’d like to start off by saying, iPhone has done an incredible job of it’s camera. It certainly is a great place to start when you’re a small business wanting to make a start in the digital world. So yes, of course using an iPhone can keep your instagram photos and website images looking good. But are they great? Are they outstanding? Do they give your products, your premises and your staff members the quality they deserve? Most likely not!
If you’re uncertain about whether or not it’s time to invest in some brand photography, have a look at some of our top reasons below.

Quality over quantity

A large number of low quality images can do a lot of harm to your brand identity, and one fantastic high quality, beautifully shot image can change a consumers entire perspective. A great example of this is working alongside product-based businesses. You can post 20 photos of your products with poor lighting and low pixel quality that will quite simply repel your potential customer. However, one professional image could be the secret to overnight success for you and your business. High quality images are the ones that sell products. Save yourself time and invest in your future.

Focus on your genius

You started your business for a reason. Because you had an incredible skill, a magnificent idea or a product that you felt extremely passionate about. Outsourcing tasks like photography allows you to spend more time doing what you really want to do within your business. So often, business owners forget to delegate the tasks that they don’t enjoy. They often don’t realise that by passing on their photography needs to a person that lives and breathes beautiful imagery, they’re doing themselves, their businesses and their bank account a favour. More time spent in your genius zone means more room for results.

Consistency is key

A great photographer not only captures beautiful images, but also ensures that your brand palette, values and goals are reflected throughout the images. Does that sound a bit strange to you? It would! Brand photographers have a special way of viewing your brand, keeping your images consistent and making sure your finished product reflects every facet of your business. This kind of attention to detail can only be achieved by professionals. Don’t stress about it, hand it over to the people who know.

Luxury images for a luxury brand

You’re no longer happy to be a small fish in a big pond. It’s time to compete with the big guys. Thinking about increasing your prices? Interested in infiltrating a higher-end market? In search of more high-paying clients? Your brand imagery HAS to align with this, otherwise you’ll miss before you even try to shoot. Professional photography establishes your brand as luxury, before you even say a word. Humans are visual beings and so much is assumed before we even read a full page of copy. Don’t have your images on your site or social media pages let you down before you’ve had a fair chance.

Like we have already said, there’s nothing wrong with starting off on an iPhone. But when it’s time for your business to grow, expand and thrive, professional photography is the only way forward. Aside from the need for it from a strategy perspective, brand shoots can also be so much fun! It’s a joy to see your marketing ideas come to life and watch your brand become something vibrant, eye catching and exciting in a sea of competitors.

If you’re ready to take the next step to business success, get in touch today! Let’s bring your brand to life.