When Is The Right Time To Invest In A Website For Your Business?

(Hint, it’s probably right about now!)

You’ve been threatening it for months. Maybe you have been threatening it for years! The need for a website has been looming in the distance. It is written down on every monthly to-do list. It comes up in every single conversation about strategy. But it’s just never as important as your day-to-day tasks that need done with urgency. We get it. You’re booked and busy and you’re saying things like, “A website just isn’t a top priority right now”, “A website will take up too much of my time”, “My customers aren’t online”.

We really hate to be the ones to break it to you. But.. It may be time to admit, you’re super wrong about all of those things. Let us break it down for you a bit.

Automation is the future

Okay so you’re thinking a website might take up too much of your time. Have you considered all of the things you’re doing at the moment that your website could do for you instead?

- You could avoid having to manually book consultations for your service based business, by allowing potential customers to book slots online.
- You could have an automated chat box, or a FAQ section on your site, to save you answering the SAME questions 10 times a day!
- You can sell your products with ease, and allow customers to view when products are sold out, unavailable or running low, without having to tell them yourself. (We all know how awkward THOSE conversations are.)

The list is really and truly endless, automating your tasks in business truly is the secret to a stress free life. A website can do this for you with ease.

Your website is your digital shop window

Did you know there are currently 4.95 billion internet users in the world today? And that number is constantly rising. Do you really think your business can afford to not tap into that ever-growing, ever-interested, ever-needy market? Your website is a digital shop window that is open and glowing 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Customers in different time zones, (and customers with a bad dose of insomnia, like us nightowls!!) can view your site and your products and services while you sleep! The opportunities are truly endless, and your business deserves that extra attention.

Profesionalism equals success

As we move swiftly through the never ending digital age, it’s becoming the norm for every business to have a website. Customers expect it. And unfortunately, if a customer goes searching through the vast jungle that is Google, and your business cannot be found, the chances are they’ll find one of your competitors and take their business elsewhere. This is largely because websites increase your business’ credibility in a huge way! Consumers are more likely to trust that a business is high quality and legitimate if it has a slick website. You’re too passionate, too good and
too devoted to your craft to let others steal your thunder. Get a website ASAP and ensure your business thrives.

Personality, pizazz, perfection

A website is an amazing way to stand out amongst others within your industry. Inject some personality and flair into your advertising content and you’re showing the world why they should choose you. You can experiment with different colour palettes, images, copy styles and truly allow your business the limelight it deserves. Not to mention creating a smooth, user-friendly experience that has your customer or client gaining trust and loyalty from the get-go.

Have we convinced you yet? We hope so! Don’t get us wrong, we understand that it’s a huge change that you may not feel ready for. We also understand that if you’re not tech-savvy, this can feel like a super overwhelming step. That’s why when you work alongside Night Owl Studio, we’ll make sure the entire website building process is easy, stress free and totally clear from the outset. Creating your website should be fun and most importantly, it should achieve the goals you’re reaching for.

Get in touch with us today, and let’s start making those website dreams come true.