5 Reasons Why You Need Video Content for YOUR Business

Video, it’s at the core of our lives. We tune in to watch the soaps, go to the cinema at the weekend and binge our favourite series on Netflix. It’s hard to imagine a world without video, so why would you neglect it when it comes to running a business? Over 500 BILLION people watch video on Facebook every day, so how many customers do you think your losing by not having a professional video advertising your business? If that statistic isn’t enough to convince you then check out our five reasons your business needs video content below.


We’ll start off with a major reason, plain and simple, Facebook and Instagram just like videos more than photos.

Now, making a video doesn’t mean Facebook is just going to show it to more people. It’s all about real estate, for example a video optimised for Facebook will take up 78% more space on your newsfeed than an image, which means more people see it, more people engage and then more potential customers for you!

But social media isn’t the be all and end all of business advertising, what about Google searches? Well, google ranks your website according to it’s SEO (search engine optimisation). Basically, without getting into the nitty gritty, Google needs to see your website as a functional and useful site that people are genuinely interested in. That’s where video comes in; an engaging and professional video will keep people watching. This means they’re on your website longer, Google sees people like staying on your website and hey presto you just got a slightly better ranking on Google.

Increase the customers understanding of your product/service 

Nobody wants to sit through a big long explanation post (except this blog post of course, please don’t go!)

If customers are still a bit unsure about what exactly you offer then by using video you can tell them in a succinct, visually appealing way. The benefit to your customer is simple, seeing things visually. There are many options to use videos to showcase your product or service. For example you could have a ‘demo video’ showing off how to use your product or the benefits your service brings. Studies show that a demo video helps increase understanding by 74% in some cases. Tubular insights recently reported that 59% of consumers made a purchase after watching a video from a brand.

This is a must have if you offer a high end product or service. These are called high involvement purchases and as the name suggests the consumer is more involved in the purchasing process, if your able to educate them on and demonstrate the benefits of what your selling you’re more likely to close the deal.

Engaging form of content 

Back to social media! Woohoo! Forget what all these social media gurus tell you about magical algorithms and ‘Top 10 secrets to winat Facebook marketing’. Social Networks aren’t called that for the craic, they promote social interaction, otherwise called engagement.

Video is a lot more engaging than having your customer just read text on a screen. Take Tiarnan for example, he loves country music. If he sees a country dance on he’ll tag me on a poster for it, I give it a like but in truth I haven’t read the poster I’m just giving it a sympathy like (don’t tell him I said that) . But if he tags me in a video for a dance I’ll watch it and see that it actually looks like a good night out. Granted it doesn’t make me like country music but I’m willing to go to the event because of it. (As you can tell we don’t share the same music tastes)

On a basic level, using audio and video is hitting more senses than a basic image is. Your customer will watch a video longer than they’ll read a poster and then they’ll like, make a comment or tag someone they think will enjoy it too and hey presto, your social media network recognises this is a good post that it should show other people.

There will be different purposes for the length of your video content. It all depends on what you want the video to convey. Ideally short videos do work better for engagement, especially on social media.  You want to make sure your offering enough length to convey the message you want to get across but short enough to still keep the customers engaged and not lose interest. 


Potential for shares 

Don’t have the budget to run an ad on Facebook or Instagram? Well it’s a good job people can share your content for all their friends to see too. Now in saying that, not everyone is going to share your video because it has to be worth sharing. An engaging, educational and professional video is more likely to be shared on Facebook or Instagram than a static image post.

The rules for sharing are similar to engagement so I’ll not draw this one out, even if someone shares a post with only a picture, chances are their friends/followers will just scroll past it and kill its engagement ranking. An eye catching video is more likely to make them stop and investigate, then you have another potential customer you never would have had with a boring static post!


Evolution says so.

Our ancestors never knew how to read, did that mean people never bought anything back then? Of course not, as humans we’re hardwired to pay attention to someone talking or explaining something. We weren’t designed to read long posts or interpret fancy posters.

Videos at their basic level include movement, which tells our brain this is a source of information. Why do you think YouTube is full of How to videos and explaining videos? It’s because we can get bored of a manual or an article, but we’ll stay and listen/watch a person telling us the information we need to know. An explainer video will create a personal connection with your customers, it puts a voice and a face to your business and builds an element of trust. You’ll find customers are willing to spend money with someone they trust rather than a faceless corporation.


So...Video is good?

It's clear video is an important aspect of advertising your business and what your selling, get in touch today to see how we can help you engage more, sell more and succeed more with a professional video for your business!