Promotional Video

Atmosphere Wedding Band
What we did:

Atmosphere are a multi-award winning wedding band based in Northern Ireland and perform at weddings across the UK and Ireland. With over 12 years experience in the wedding industry they have earned their place as one of the countries premiere wedding entertainment providers.

The Project

Atmosphere came to us in March of 2020 to create a professional promotional video to enhance their social media content and to serve as the video for an advertising campaign they were undertaking. We wanted to capture the energy the band has through their performances while highlighting some key selling points they provided to us. We collected a range of their recorded songs and mixed it together to play under the footage and secured a voiceover from Arron Weedall to enhance the selling points further. We utilised Adobe After Effects to assemble the video and create the title screens throughout the video.

Atmosphere Wedding Band
Promotional Video
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